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What are the benefits of an up-to-date General Plan?

Undertaking a comprehensive General Plan update process and having a “modern” General Plan can produce many benefits for Santa Maria. The benefits are summarized below.

  • Create a consensus community vision for the future.

  • Ensure proactive growth and development decisions that manage the location, design and intensity of future growth.

  • Provide transparency in decision-making processes.

  • Provide certainty for those investing in the City.

  • Engage the community in a positive way about the future.

  • Build the next generation of community leaders through a robust community engagement program.

  • Create a document that is readable and usable by the public.

  • Implement recent State laws and guidance.

  • Ensure continued provision of high-quality public services from the perspective of fiscal sustainability.

  • Create policies for sustainability, green building, public health, arts and culture and other topics not currently included in the General Plan.

  • Provide access to State funding for planning and implementation.

  • Calculate the environmental impacts of buildout through a program EIR.

  • Create policies and programs to support the vision of the Santa Maria Transit Center, High Speed Rail and the proposed High Desert Corridor.

  • Avoid legal challenges that result from an out-of-date General Plan and EIR.

  • Create clear and objective standards to maintain control of housing decisions.

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